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Involving You in Our Business

You can read a lot on our website about our philosophy of care and how we support families. Still, one of the key considerations in our process is communicating directly with families and keeping loved ones in the loop every step of the way. This isn’t just a detail – it’s a critical part of maintaining good support for our seniors!

Industry experts will know how often this kind of process sadly gets missed or underutilized in a process that’s so important to every member of the family. When you talk about having a place that’s like home, that should resonate with every nursing home director and every staff person. It’s the idea that people care, and that they are engaged and involved in the life of a resident’s family, to the extent that they help foster togetherness, and not isolation. Our proximity to nearby community areas helps, but it doesn’t accomplish anything on its own. It’s our model that appeals to so many families who want a good experience for mom or pop or some other beloved family member in their golden years.


Isolation is a problem in this industry. Any elder abuse attorney will tell you the same. Too often, in these sorts of businesses, thorny questions raise their heads when family members are not duly informed about what’s going on. We head those kinds of issues off at the pass by making sure that we practice an inclusive care model. In a good home, you’ll see this at work, and notice how well it supports good relationships between the families and the staff who assist them. There’s a lot less confusion and a lot calmer. But again, that doesn’t happen automatically. It requires leadership with empathy and dedication from the front-line people who are the engine of the business.

Accommodating Interactions

Many family interactions are simple – a question of mobility for the resident. But again, some places don’t invest in this as part of their core philosophy, and residents suffer. We make sure that we are paying attention to this component of care – every day.

Emergency handling

We know this is a trying time for everyone. The COVID-19 virus has created all sorts of unique challenges for business as usual. But there are ways to protect residents and staff and still manage inclusivity, and we’re dedicated to that. Keep an eye on our website for more – we want you to be involved with your loved one’s care! And we will get through this – together.

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