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Core Values

At Ridge Manor Residential Memory Care, we offer the highest quality residential support for the elderly, in keeping with our core belief that human life is intrinsically valuable. This core value is central to everything we do and every decision we make at Ridge Manor Residential Memory Care Senior Care.

Our focus on the intrinsic value of each person impacts every aspect of Ridge Manor’s residential support services for the elderly. Losing one’s memory can leave a person feeling confused and anxious. At Ridge Manor Residential Memory Care our smaller setting is ideal for memory care and reduces challenging behaviors. We also understand that we need to adjust our approach as our clients’ needs change. We have a high staff ratio of two staff to six clients, with carefully trained caregivers who can connect with clients to calm, comfort, or redirect them. This is key to Ridge Manor Residential Memory Care’s unique approach in providing residential support services for the elderly.

Our staff strives to optimize health, communication, and mobility for each person on his or her own terms, so that each person can enjoy daily routines and special activities tailored around his or her unique needs and interests.

“I am humbled by the staff’s approach to the people in their care. They are so skilled, and I have learned a lot just from watching them.”