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High Caliber Staff

We know that quality of life for our clients rests in the hands of our staff, and we carefully select and train our team of professionals so that you can be confident in their care. We have developed an extensive screening and testing process that enables Ridge Manor to hire employees who are well-suited to the job.  We look for people who not only have the aptitude to carry out all the complex details of the job but who also have the heart for the job.  Only about ten percent of all applicants are actually hired, then they are trained very well in over 70 hours of initial training.

Each Ridge Manor home operates with unusually high caregiver staffing levels.

Why is that important?

How long do you think your mother should wait for a glass of water when she’s thirsty? For help to the bathroom when she feels the urge? How important is it that your father be clean-shaven or wear his dentures?

Responding to emergencies, addressing potentially dangerous situations, and performing routine duties take precedence in any memory care facility. In a larger unit, these tasks often consume all of the staff’s time. At Ridge Manor, our high staffing levels help us preserve residents’ comfort and dignity. We give our caregivers enough time to patiently scrub someone’s nails, straighten her room or supervise her weekly baking “date” in our kitchen.