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Comfortable Residential Home For Seniors

Living Room

The Living Room at each Ridge Manor offers a pleasant place to socialize and share friendly conversation. The fireplace, comfortable furniture, and beautiful picture window views create a very relaxing and welcoming environment.

Occasionally our residents will choose to watch something on the television together. I Love Lucy, old musicals, sporting events, or the news are things that bring people together. However, if the residents are not interested in the TV, it isn’t on. We prefer to keep our residents engaged in the activities we are doing in the house and do not use the television as a substitute for caring attention.

Sitting Areas

In Calhoun, we have a more intimate screened in porch. This is a favorite place for clients to read the newspaper and listen to music, or to get their nails done. Another client chooses this place to read her Bible. It is a great place to sit and observe the activity of both the living room and the backyard. This relaxing spot overlooks the creek in the back yard, and is also a favorite spot for naps.

Our home in Canton has a large front porch with rocking chairs which overlooks a peaceful quiet neighborhood. This is a natural place for families to gather to visit with their loved ones. From the rear deck our residents enjoy the views of the private forest and bird watching. This is an ideal location for coffee in the mornings and tea with biscuits in the evening

Dining Room

The dining rooms at Ridge Manor are places where all clients, staff and visiting family members eat together. Meal times are a time to socialize and catch up on each other’s lives. Our menus have been prepared by a dietitian with a focus on high nutritional content and appeal. Everyone at the house has a say in what we have on the menu, and we are free to change it and add new favorites. As a person’s dietary needs or needs for assistance change, the staff are available to assist at whatever level is required.

Maintenance and Accessibility

Ridge Manor has the support of a team of maintenance staff who are available when needed. Any safety issues are addressed the same day. The home is completely wheelchair accessible.