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Meet the Owner

Jason Lum is the CEO at Ridge Manor Residential Memory Care, based in Canton, GA, offering personalized care tailored to your loved ones’ specific needs and preferences.

His goal is to provide not only safety but also comfort, happiness, and quality of life for each resident he serves. He is committed to helping people with high-level memory care needs and has been successful in this endeavor for four years.

With his aim to provide quality care for individuals in the late stages of Dementia, he offers a safe and familiar home environment that caters to these types of clients.

He started out as the caretaker of a father who had mental illness and his grandfather who had cancer. The experience left him with an understanding of what families go through during such trying times, which spurred his interest in helping others that were going through similar struggles.

He later managed two memory care facilities that oversaw the care of residents and employees while making sure they were well taken care of physically, mentally, and emotionally! Jason also helped mentally ill & disabled homeless seniors as a police officer before becoming CEO.

He’s hardworking, trustworthy, and a leader individual who believes in the words said by Mahatma Gandhi:

be the change you want to see in the world!

Jason enjoys working in the wellness industry and spending time on something that he feels is important, which motivates him to do great work.

He has always had an interest in memory care services because of his background as a police officer. He believes that his life experiences have given him a deep understanding of what seniors need.

Jason has interacted with many elders who needed assistance and care for years before their passing.

He was able to talk to them about their lives and get to know them as individuals, which helped build an appreciation for what they had accomplished in their lives – even through difficult circumstances.