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Quality Care for Seniors in Canton, Georgia

What’s behind our superior care model for American seniors?

We’re glad you asked. Not all nursing homes are alike. Some put a high degree of effort into creating the best environments, and others just run facilities in a very mediocre way. Here are some of our philosophies that help us support our Georgia families.

A Caring Staff

Many of us have seen the tragic headlines – nursing homes under the gun for cases of elder abuse or neglect.

Realistically, avoiding these tragedies starts and ends with carefully vetting staff and bringing in people who have that baseline empathy and care to work with the public.

When companies get sloppy about employment models, various types of threats tend to pop up. We are committed to maintaining a very carefully created community model here – importantly, we’re not talking about being punitive towards staff, or distrustful toward new people walking in the door. It just takes a little more work and a little more deliberation to create an environment that’s right for our residents and families.

The Importance of Facilities Work

The other pillar of supporting our elderly residents is maintaining safe, secure and sanitary facilities. Again, that’s something that some companies do much better than others.

Existing regulation on heating and cooling in nursing home environments is a prime example of how regulators have had to come in and get involved after tragic scenarios involving extreme temperatures and suffering, and even deaths on the part of nursing home residents, especially in states like Georgia where summer heat reaches punishing highs.

The reality that regulators need to mandate backup generators for these facilities shows how lax some of them can be in maintaining proper facility safety. At Ridge Manor Personal Care Home, we have always gone the extra mile to make sure that none of these catastrophes are going to occur. Whether it’s creating appropriate ADA spaces for toileting and showering and more, or keeping an eye on HVAC and facilities systems, we’re at the top of our game and not afraid of unanticipated crisis because we have planned for these eventualities.

Keeping the Home Integrated into the Community

Here’s another aspect of maintaining a high-quality nursing home – integration with the community in some form is important. You can see the range of community amenities that are within walking distance or a short drive from our location. We make a deliberate effort to maintain a look and feel of committed community inclusion, and to offer our residence options that decrease their isolation in their golden age. We’ve seen the studies on loneliness and depression, and we know that part of our job is to always integrate to keep the facility open and welcoming and maintain ties with the outside community. Talk to Ridge Manor Personal Care Home about a place for mom or pop or anyone in your family who is getting on in years.

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