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Providing Key Dementia Services and Sound Nursing Home Administration

It’s an unfortunate but common reality that as we age, our minds undergo aging, as much as, or more in some ways, than our bodies.

Of course, this is different for every individual. Some people remain sharp and clear-minded up until the end, but lose the ability to walk or move around comfortably.

Others have strong bodies, but become confused, and senility sort of morphs into something a bit more. In extreme cases, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease renders someone fundamentally confused toward the end of their life, and that’s what key dementia services are intended to support. These residents need special care.

Fragility and Protection

We know that in so many ways, the cognitively impaired individual is vulnerable in today’s world.

We always think about this as we assess new realities in nursing home scenarios and facilities management. Now we are forced to address this, sadly, in the wake of the COVID coronavirus pandemic.

We know that it’s even more difficult to help our seniors to plan for sanitary and isolating responses in Alzheimers and dementia wards than it is for the nursing home population in general. Also, because so many cases are specific to nursing home environments, that puts more pressure on staff and administration to really manage all aspects of the residents’ daily life. We’ve seen a lot of this in play as we respond to unprecedented challenges, and try to assess how this virus threatens us as a society.

Dedication and Attentive Care

It’s situations like these that really show the difference between different kinds of nursing home facilities. When you have dedicated staff people who are thoughtful about supporting day-to-day living, they come up with good solutions for protecting residents. When you have people who are just showing up for a paycheck, and upper management that consistently does the bare minimum, with the sort of absent-minded thinking that goes along with that, you often have dramatic problems and liabilities.

At the Ridge Manor Personal Care Home, part of the cornerstone of our care model is talking to families directly about the family member’s needs. But another core part is handling daily affairs just like we talked about above, in order to do what makes the most sense for residents and provide a quality of service and care that’s so much needed, especially today. Come visit and let’s talk about what your loved one needs toward the end of his or her life.

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