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The Benefits of Placing your loved ones into a Memory Care Home.

The conversation about moving a loved one into an assisted living situation can be challenging. It is stressful for both parties. However, it is a decision that you need to make for the greater good. The fact is that researching homes for Alzheimer’s patients does not have to be a topic of agony and pain. There are plenty of options that ensure that you can provide your family members with the assistance they need without compromising on their comfort and dignity.

Small homes offer the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds. A home where the caregiver can help when required and one where seniors feel like they are home. The senior housing and care situation has changed drastically over the years as seniors look for communities where they can retire. In fact, institutional housing along vacant hallways has become a thing of the past. The design, quality, and layout of Alzheimer’s housing have changed in order to provide a home environment.

Today, memory care homes are built on the small-home model concept. These homes serve seniors who require assistance with living by providing memory care. A small-home layout and contemporary décor are personalized to ensure that each resident feels right at home and taken care of. The truth is that people tend to delight in well-designed spaces. They intuitively recognize when a space is designed with care. Thus, the main purpose of memory care homes is to exceed the needs of residents.

What Is an Alzheimer’s Home Like?

Everything at the dementia care home is centered in a large living room. There are small vestibules from that space that lead to the resident rooms. These vestibules help with the transition from a private space to a communal space. However, they are short enough to ensure that residents do not feel confused or get lost. There is also a spacious and secure courtyard that connects the homes. A fire pit area helps keep the living area warm which also serves as a dance floor when it gets warm in the summer. To provide residents with the opportunity to engage with nature, there are also raised gardens, porches, trellises, and shade spaces. Each caregiver has made considerable progress with Alzheimer’s care and their leadership focuses on pursuing ideas that are transformative and cutting-edge.

Natural lighting is also incorporated in different ways to help residents know the exact time of the day at all times. One can expect to see views of the outdoor spaces from their room. Each room comes with a window and there are skylights in different parts of the building to provide natural light. In addition to this, there are large windows in the kitchen and living room as well. Some memory care homes even integrate natural materials for creating a tactile experience that connects the indoor space with the outdoors.

As for the detailing throughout the home, it tends to be contemporary to ensure that the generations born in the 1950s and 1960s feel at home. Moreover, flashing lights, buzzers, beeping sounds, and just about everything that looks institutional is eliminated to make the home seem like a typical residence. However, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. Various options are incorporated to keep every resident happy.

Why A Memory Care Home Is Just What Your Elderly Loved One Needs?

If you are uncertain about sending your loved one suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s to a memory care home, the following reasons will help you realize everything that a caregiver can provide.

1. Not a Facility

A major reason why you need to send your elderly loved one to a memory care home is that is not a facility. It is common for you to worry about sending your family member to live in a facility. However, it is not something that you have to stress about when it comes to a memory care home.

Unlike a facility that might conjure black and white images of an institution in your mind, a memory care home is possibly the best place to send your loved one. A residential care home offers a great way for one to receive comfort and the right care. It has the same appeal as an actual home without confusing hallways or common rooms. Thus, you will benefit from the peace of mind as you would know that your loved one will receive the respect and attention they deserve. Besides, a residential memory care home requires minimal adjustment. In fact, your loved one will feel at home and get to experience the comfort of a home instead of feeling forced to live in a large facility. 

2. Staff Is Always Available

Another great reason to consider a memory care home is that it offers 24/7 care. You can count on the caregiver to provide staff at all hours. No matter what time it might be, there will always be a staff member on the spot who will provide help whenever needed. The caregiver will make sure that your loved one’s needs are quickly met by assigning a specific staff member to address all their concerns. The staff member will reduce anxiety and confusion. 

As the staff would possess a large repertoire of skills, they will be able to approach situations where your senior loved one does not understand what is happening around them in the best way possible. They possess a great deal of experience when it comes to respecting, validating, reassuring, and defusing arguments. Even if an accident occurs, the trained caregiver will be ready to offer all the support required in the situation to ensure that their dignity is maintained.

3. Friendly and Communal

Human beings are social creatures. They have an innate desire to communicate and feel like they belong in a community. Dementia or Alzheimer’s can come in the way and make it difficult for your loved one to maintain friendships. The elderly do not usually have as many opportunities for getting out and about to make friends. They cannot even visit other family members or their existing friends which is why a residential memory care home is essential. It provides all types of opportunities.

As residents of the memory care home get to spend a lot of their time in the living room, they get to form friendships, get to know others, and share whatever is on their minds. Friendships will only flourish when your loved one lives in the memory care home with the help of staff. Family members can also visit to ensure that their loved ones feel happy. Therefore, loneliness is something that the seniors living in the group home would never feel. The friendships will help fight against common concerns such as anxiety and depression.

4. Beautifully Built Homes

If there is one thing about a memory care home that you will instantly notice, it is the fact that it has been beautifully designed. Each home is built to provide all the comforts of a home. It does not compromise on anything. There are certain facilities that even go the extra mile to ensure that residents get to spend their best years in the best place. This is why it makes sense to send your loved one to live in a care home. They will feel good living in a space that has been specifically created for them.

There is no reason for your loved ones to live in a facility when you can send them to a space that is specifically built for them. Besides, you will be glad to have made the decision every time you pay them a visit. Other family members should also have an easy time visiting the elderly loved one. This makes it the perfect option for you and your loved one. When your elderly relative lives in a beautiful space, they will also feel much happier and would be less likely to experience any depression or anxiety.

5. Guaranteed Safety

A notable benefit of a memory care home is guaranteed safety. You can rest assured knowing that your loved one will be safe during his or her stay at the home. There will be someone to look after them at all times to ensure that they feel safe and are taken care of. Moreover, home care is fully secure. There is a security force present at all times. Hence, you do not have to worry about their safety.

Since Alzheimer’s patients or seniors have a wide range of physical care needs, it is best that they live in a safe memory care home where their needs are handled by professionals. The care home provides each resident maximum comfort and care through safety and accessibility features. The staff are vetted and undergo various checks to ensure that they provide patients with the correct kind of care and have a warm nature that puts their loved one at ease.

6. Provide Privacy

In addition to the above, memory care homes provide privacy. Although the residential care home is designed for seniors, it is never overcrowded which means that your loved one will get the right care that they deserve and plenty of opportunities to communicate while also having the option to spend time to themselves. Most memory care homes are designed for a small number of residents. If you are struggling to provide privacy or are unable to have privacy at home, you can always send your elderly loved one to a memory care home which will provide them with privacy and cater to their unique needs. Forget about having to create space at home as the care home has got you covered.

As a resident, your loved one will get a separate bedroom and have someone available for them at all times. They have the option to head to their room if they want to rest or relax anytime they want. It is due to this reason that you will find it to be the perfect place for your family member. The separate bedroom provided to residents also has a private bathroom with a roll-in shower that ensures dignified personal care. The thing about a small home is that it is a replica of a normal home.

7. Maximum Comfort

A memory care home is a great place for the elderly that suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s as it provides maximum comfort. Unlike a facility, it is open at all times. This means that residents can spend time in the kitchen whenever they want or head to the living room as it is right there. The setup is the same as that of a home.

Moreover, the rooms are fully furnished and residents have the option to bring their things along to personalize their room. The caregiver even goes the extra mile by painting the room to ensure that your loved one likes it. Nothing is more important for the caregiver than the happiness of each client. If anything is wrong or uncomfortable, it will immediately get fixed.

8. Opportunity to Be a Part of an Extended Family

Lastly, a memory care home provides an opportunity for your elderly loved ones to feel like they are a part of an extended family. They will find the home to be more than just a place to live. In fact, it will prove to be a place where they get to become a part of a bigger family. When Alzheimer’s patients live together, they get to become housemates or even roommates. This means that they get to form close relationships and feel like they are a part of something bigger.     

Ridge Manor Residential Memory Care Provides the Perfect Home Environment

Now that you know what makes a memory care home stand out, it is important that you choose a trustworthy memory care home like Ridge Manor Residential Memory Care. We provide an alternative to the traditional larger memory care facilities. Our goal is to offer a safe, secured home-like environment designed specifically for individuals with memory impairments and other high levels of care. Our higher staffing ratio allows us to meet the needs of our residents’ needs. The Ridge Manor family brings warmth and joy to the hearts of every resident. Our care providers take the time to fully understand the holistic wellness needs of residents and their families to provide a comprehensive, customized care plan.

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