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What Services Does an In Home Caregiver Provide?

As we age, it can become difficult to take care of all of the activities that are necessary for daily living. If you have a loved one that isn’t getting around as well as they used to, an in home caregiver may be able to assist you. These professional caregivers help take care of necessary tasks so that senior or disabled adults can remain in their homes.

In home caregivers can provide the following services, and more:

Meal Preparation

Chopping vegetables, washing dishes, and moving heavy pots and pans can all become overwhelming, leading senior adults to have issues with nutrition. A home caregiver can help with meal preparation tasks such as prep work and clean up, making it easier to be sure that your loved one is getting enough healthy food. They may also be able to prepare some meals or snacks in advance, then leave them on site to be consumed on their days off.


Living alone can get quite lonely, especially if it’s difficult to get out and do things on your own. An in home caregiver can visit your loved one on a regular basis for socialization and companionship, as well. These visits can include reading, board games, walks through the neighborhood, or other activities that your family member enjoys. This conversation and companionship can help ward off depression and keep your loved one active and engaged in their day to day life.

Light Housekeeping

As the body ages, it can become difficult to keep up with housekeeping and cleaning tasks, as well. Bending, lifting, and carrying all become harder to accomplish, and the dust bunnies may begin to build up. If you notice that this is becoming an issue, a home caregiver may be able to assist. They can visit the home and do cleaning tasks with your loved one, or for them, depending on what the individual’s preference is. This can help ensure that the environment is safe and disease free, while allowing the elder adult to maintain their independence.

Medication Reminders

Managing multiple prescriptions and the refills involved can be difficult. An in-home caregiver can help fill a medication case, order refills as necessary, and provide reminders about when to take essential medication. If you’ve noticed that it’s difficult for your loved one to manage their own medications, it may be time to consider in home assistance.

Often as individuals age, it becomes more difficult to accomplish necessary daily tasks. If you have a loved one that is struggling to care for themselves in their own home, but still prefers their independence, a home healthcare provider may be a good option for your family. Reach out to Ridge Manor PHC today to learn more about the variety of services we offer, so that you can find one that works well for your individual situation.

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